Top 5 WPF application samples with source code that works with Visual Studio 2019

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a technology that represented a great change in User Interfaces, separating the UI from the source code. However, we ask sometimes how to code some behaviors on our apps, trying to find solutions in the source code that can help us to achieve that. To help you, I present you 5 of the best WPF application samples, that works perfectly in Visual Studio 2017.

Do you want to learn how to create WPF applications well done?

My recommendation is that you take the time to investigate the source code of the application that interested you, so you will surely learn a lot of new things.

Another recommendation, which personally has helped me a lot, is to take online courses about the topics that interest us. My recommendation are a video course series for professionals, that will help you understand the concepts of WPF, along with those of MVVM, a pattern that you will need to become an excellent WPF developer.

WPF Application # 1: Family.Show

One of the first applications that were used to make demos on the stage of the “Mix” event. This sample WPF application with source code, let you save the family tree of a family, saving pictures, names, dates and more. An impressive app which we can learn a lot by studying the source code.

Application features:

  • Allows you to save and open a document from the same application.
  • Export information about the tree diagram in table form
  • It allows obtaining different statistics of the information of the tree
  • Send to Print
  • Change the theme of the application
  • Carry out interactions like zoom, and filter per year of people

Application Screenshots

How to download the application and make it work

You can download the Family.Show application from Github.

Once downloaded, unzip and enter the folder Family.Show-master -> 4.0 -> Source, and open the .sln solution file.

When it asks for Team Foundation Server connection, click on No, in the next popup window you must update the projects by clicking on Ok, and finally, change the target framework to version 4.6.1. With this, you will have almost everything working.

If at this point, you try to compile the solution, you will get some errors:

Errores en el proyecto Family.Show
Errores en el proyecto Family.Show

To correct them, simply go to the FamilyShowLib project, remove the libraries that mark an alert symbol, and add the references from our libraries library.

Bibliotecas Family.Show
Bibliotecas Family.Show
Agregando Bibliotecas faltantes
Agregando Bibliotecas faltantes

Once this is done, we will have a successful compilation, and we will be able to run the application without problems.

WPF application # 2: Material Design In XAML Toolkit

Continuing with our WPF sample projects with source code list, Although not an application for common use, this application puts at our disposal the source code of a pretty nice toolkit, which refers to the style of controls on the Android platform. In addition, two sample applications are included so we can see the controls in action.

Application features

  • Demonstration of the toolkit controls
  • Includes about 30 controls with a Material like an interface
  • Customizable color palettes for the entire application

Application screenshots

How to download the application and make it work

You can download the Material Design XAML Toolkit application from Github. No further changes are required as the application compiles successfully once downloaded.

WPF Application # 3: Screen To Gif

Another WPF application example in C# with free download is Screen To Gif. In my opinion, a very interesting application, because it allows us to record our screen, from our webcam, or even from a paint type editor ! and convert what we recorded to a gif-like image.

Application features

  • Allows you to record from the screen, from a webcam, or from a paint type editor
  • It includes an editor that allows us to edit the way in which the gif type image will be displayed
  • Controls to edit the image, like resize, cut, rotate, among others.
  • Allows you to add text and drawings to the gif
  • Allows transitions between one frame and another of the gif image
  • We have available statistics of the image we are editing

Application screenshots

How to download the application and make it work

The ScreenToGif application is available from Github. When you run it for the first time, you may throw an exception, simply give it continue to run the application, then you should no longer mark any errors.

Click on the image to see the result

WPF Application # 4: MarkPad

Another element in our WPF sample projects with code free download list is MarkPad. This application allows working with Markdown markup language, which converts plain text to XHTML. A tool that can even be used for the day to day of those who write scientific articles, or, who are dedicated to blogging.

Application features

  • Great editor with fonts that facilitate the writing of texts
  • It allows to carry out the connection with a blog to publish the document in that site
  • Allows multiple tabs to work with multiple documents at once
  • You can print the resulting document to distribute it
  • It allows configuring different languages for the autocorrección of texts

Application screenshots

How to download the application and make it work

You can download MarkPad from GitHub. If you open the project the first time you are prompted to download the ASP.NET v.4 components, you can skip it.

WPF Application # 5: WPFDesigner

Would you like to know how to create your own XAML designer? With this project, you will have enough guidance to do it, since it is a repository that shows the implementation of a visual XAML code designer, a complex project but certainly worthwhile.

Application features

  • Real-time visualization of controls
  • Hierarchical tree of elements
  • Controls properties panel
  • Visual and XAML code editor

Application screenshots

How to download the application and make it work

Like the previous applications, you can download WPFDesigner from Github. Just open it and compile it, it runs without problems, the only problem is that the solution is heavy, so it will take some time to compile.

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